E.L.S.Z.W.V. Aquamania

De studenten zwem- en waterpolovereniging van Leiden

About Aquamania

Aquamania provides swimming and water polo practices on different levels, for beginners to former Dutch champions. In addition to this, both sport and non-sport related (during lockdown online) activities are organized, such as bowling, dinners, drinks, game nights and of course the legendary student parties after the competitions!

So you can swim, play water polo and drink with us (in the order you prefer) on every level and experience a lot of fun without any obligation!

For more information, have a look on our:



Do you have questions? Please contact us. De association can be reached via info@aquamanialeiden.nl

Post adress:
Eerste Leidse Studenten Zwem en Waterpolo Vereniging “Aquamania”
Einsteinweg 6
2333 CC Leiden


De Zijl
Paramaribostraat 66
2315 VK Leiden

5 Mei Bad
Telderskade 42-44
2321 TE Leiden

Practice times

At Aquamania, you can join two swimming and or waterpolo practices per week.


Time Location
Monday 22:15-23:15 Swimming Pool de Zijl
Donderdag 21:30-22:30 Swimming Pool de Zijl

Water polo

Time Location
Monday 21:15-22:15 Swimming Pool de Zijl
Wednesday 21:30-22:30 Combibad de Vliet

Becoming a member

Swimming and/or water polo

Are you thinking about joining a student association and love swimming or water polo? Then you’ve come to the right place at Aquamania. Whether you’ve been a competitive swimmer all your life or you’re an experienced water polo player and you just can’t let go of this passion or you want to learn a new sport, it’s all possible.

Take a look around on the website to get an idea of the association. At Aquamania you can both swim and play water polo under the guidance of experienced trainers. Provided that you have a swimming diploma and know how to stay afloat, you can join our practices on every level. In addition to the practices, we also organise numerous activities outside the water.

Trial training

Before you register, you are of course welcome to come and have a look so you can feel the atmosphere and actually experience how a practice works. If you would like to come for a trial training, please send an email to info@aquamanialeiden.nl.

Becoming a member

Before you can call yourself an Aquamaniac, you must first register officially. This is done via the registration form that you have to fill in. After you have completed it, you can send it by mail to info@aquamanialeiden.nl or by post to Einsteinweg 6, 2333 CC Leiden.

If you are just starting your studies, you can purchase a trial membership to see if Aquamania suits you during the entire month of September. The form for the trial membership can be found here. Please note that if you want to become a member after your trial membership, you will have to fill in the registration form above as well.

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