De studenten zwem- en waterpolovereniging van Leiden

Training during the corona crisis

Good news everyone!

Over the last few weeks we have been busy behind the scenes in order to start training again! Now we can gladly tell you that we are having a go at resuming practices.

However, due to the circumstances we all have to abide by a few rules. Read the protocol with the rules carefully, follow them, and always listen to the trainers and the corona coordinators. When the rules are not followed you can be expelled from the practices. Next to that, check the walking routes of the pool before coming to practice: Walking routes in the pool

Please fill out the form regarding practices that you will have received in your email.

It is mandatory to register yourself for practices in order to be allowed to train. Furthermore, your choice is not a guarantee that you can come to that training, it is possible that due to circumstances we ask you to train during your second choice practice.

Additionally, It is mandatory that when you are not able to make it to practice you sign off so that your spot can go to someone else on the waiting list, when you don’t show up without notifying in advance (2 hours before training starts) you will pushed back on the waiting list.

Read the protocol, fill in the google form if you want to come train, stay safe and hopefully see you soon at practice!

Important files:

Logo Kwieksport
Logo Lemmys